A girl named Daisy

Young Pamella Rebecca Egleton 001 Medium Web view

John and Mary Egleton’s daughter Pamela Rebecca, was born at North Elmham, Norfolk on 31 July 1887. Tradition has it that word was received from John Plane, a relative in the USA, that his daughter Daisy had died and he asked that the next girl born be named Daisy. Pamela Rebecca had already been christened but she became known always as Daisy and went on to name her own daughter Daisy.

John Plane 001
In support of this story, Pamela Rebecca (Daisy) handed down to her daughter, photographs said be of John Plane, his wife and his
Sarah Plane 001
mother. The reverse side of these photographs, although damaged after being taken out of an album, bear a picture of what can be described as a cast iron “pot bellied” stove on which the names of US cities are embossed.