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Pamela Rebecca (Daisy) with her mother Mary Egleton and grandmother Pamela Clitheroe/Lilystone/Rix

Mary Egleton’s mother, Pamela Clitheroe/Lilystone, née Rix, was born at Great Witchingham, Norfolk in 1834, daughter of John and Mary Rix who married at Weston Longville on 5 August 1832.

John Rix, a farm labourer, died at Great Witchingham on 19 August 1841 when he was run over by a wagon.

Mary Rix was born on 2 December 1812 at Weston Longville, daughter of William and Charlotte Wilkinson and she died on 20 October 1888.

Charlotte Wilkinson was born 6 September 1789 at Weston Longville. She was a daughter of Paul and Elizabeth Bowden who also had a daughter named Honor.

Mary Rix was therefore a niece of Honor Plane and cousin to John Plane.