The descendants of the Planes who went to the USA have scattered all over that country, from California to Maryland and Wisconsin to Florida and many have prospered in professions and business.

Purling Plane
Our Planes begin with Purling and Honor Plane of Wood Norton, Norfolk. Photographs of Purling and Honor have been handed down by descendants of their eldest son William who did not accompany the family to America and remained in England.

There is some confusion about the birth dates and places of both Purling and Honor.

They are certainly recorded as having married at Weston Longville on 9 November 1813.

It is claimed that Purling was 106 years old when he died in Belvidere, Illinois in 1873, but :

When he applied for US citizenship, he gave his date of birth as 1773.

The only Norfolk church record traced for a Purling Plane being christened is at Hindolveston in May 1794, son of William and Anne Plane. This would bring him close to Honor’s age.

The Belvidere Standard newspaper for 22 July 1873 reporting on his death, commented “
his appearance was that of a man between 80 and 90 which caused many to distrust his extreme age.” (ie born c1783 - 1793!)

The Weston Longville church records show Honor being born on 2
Honor Bowden
September 1793, daughter of Paul and Elizabeth Bowden.

Records in Belvidere, Illinois, where she died, give her date of birth as 1783.

  • It is possible that they both exaggerated their ages, or, as was common in those days, they might only have had a vague idea about their year of birth. This is illustrated in 19th century census returns which often record inconsistent ages given for an individual at each successive census.