John Plane

John Plane
followed his father to Illinois about 1842. He settled in Belvidere, Boone County, set himself up as a hardware merchant, prospered and became regarded as one of Belvidere’s pioneers.

An advertisement in the Belvidere Standard newspaper on 21 June 1853 gives an idea of his business –

STOVES. The subscriber would respectfully announce to farmers and the public generally that he has just received and now offers the largest stock ever brought to this town, consisting of PARLOR STOVES, SIX PLATE STOVES, HARDWARE, a full assortment of iron, nails, door trimmings, cabinet trimmings, carriage bolts, mill saws, cast steel files, crowbars, picks, mattocks, grub hoes cutlery of all kinds, thimble skein boxes for wagons, and in fact everything in this line usually kept for sale at Harware Stores. FAIRBANK SCALES, FARMING TOOLS, TIN AND SHEET IRON WARE. A large assortment will be always kept on hand, or manufactured to order. Jobbing promptly attended to. JOHN PLANE.”

(This explains the image on the reverse side of the photographs handed down by Pamela Rebecca (Daisy) Egleton/Annison).

A picture of John Plane’s hardware store at South State Street and Logan Avenue in 1880 shows that he was then a businessman of substance.